Dj Matrimonio RomaWedding is undoubtedly one of the most important events of our life. Dj Romani offers for this unique day several packages, with many set up options, to make your event unforgettable. Starting from € 300

Our work includes music and audio set up for the venue

Haven't you decided yet where to celebrate?
Here you will find beautiful Wedding villas in Rome .

Dj Matrimonio Roma Why Dj romani and not others?
In a scenario every day more filled with djs without any experience and musicians mixing songs on their notebooks, Dj romani is a group of djs which play music professionally:
DJ, with capitol D.

Which style of music do you play?
Our music goes from old revival to modern dance and, since we work only for weddings and private events, our music if fully customizable from your entrance to your last dance.

Dj per matrimonio Roma
Why a dj and not live music?
A dj plays music from the first to the last minute of your ceremony, without brakes or stops, mixing everything smoothly.

Songs are original versions, the true ones, without any italian american accent.

But it's not only about music
Hiding every wire we are able to change completely your location in less than 2 hours with our modern lighting set ups.

Music from the 70s is still great, technology is NOT
Would you work with 40 years old technology?
Sure we don't, but many djs are still using lighting effects from the prehistory.
Before choosing a dj ask them to show you their set ups and count how many of them are able to change all the lights on the dancefloor REAL TIME just with a touch on their iPads. It's possible to light everything up with the color you prefer or gently fade from one color tone to another.

Sure cool...but how much does it cost?
25 € for each LED light, all inclusive. If combined with our dj service the set up with 10 LED lights costs only € 200

Ronchi Fireworks realizes fireworks for every kind of event you want to celebrate, like a wedding or a birthday.

Our set ups are fully customizable and can be operated in every location, from the small to the sumptuous villa.

We will be glad to satisfy your requests, keeping in mind that our goal is to give you a wonderful memory.

Fireworks starting from only € 599
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Trio Jazz Roma
Would you like to have fresh music at your wedding without compromising tradition? Imagine a jazz band at the beginning and then dancing with the dj music after your lunch or dinner.
You are going to make happy both young and adult guests!

Dj + 3 elements jazz band starting from only € 700

Do you want more?
Dj + 4 elements Jazz band starting from only € 800